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Robert Mules, who uses the pen name Sebastian Hayes, is an author of plays, poems and articles on philosophic, literary and mathematical topics (some of which can be accessed from his website He has translated various French writers including Anna de Noailles (see and has recently published "Rimbaud Revisited 1968-2008 & Une Saison en Enfer, a New Translation". He is currently occupied with writing a screenplay "The Tower of Rapunzel", a book on numbers aimed at the general reader, as also in laying out the foundations ofr a new type of science he calls 'Eventrics'.

“I feel, therefore I exist” : Catherine Pozzi’s Credo

Descartes, as we know, kick-started Western rationalism with his famous formula Cogito ergo sum, “I think, therefore I am”. This was, according to Descartes, a ‘self-evident’ truth, a proposition that not only he did not, but could not, doubt. Descartes … Continue reading

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The Six Poems viewed as stages on a Spiritual Journey by Sebastian Hayes

[Note: The six poems in French with an English translation in rhymed verse are to be found in an earlier post, The Six Poems. Here, the translations of excerpts I give are as literal as I can make them.] During … Continue reading

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Three books concerning Catherine Pozzi by Sebastian Hayes

1. Catherine Pozzi, Très haut amour, Poèmes et autres textes, Édition de Claire Paulhan et Lawrence Joseph   (nrf  Poésie/Gallimard) 2. Karin Pozzi et la quête de l’immortalite, Pierre Boutang (La Différence) 3. Catherine Pozzi, Architecte d’un Univers, Anne Malaprade (Larousse Decouvrir … Continue reading

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Catherine Pozzi and André Fernet

The ‘facts’, inasmuch as I have been able to ascertain them, are as follows. In January 1909 Catherine Pozzi married a young stockbroker with literary interests, Édouard Bourdet,  and in October of the same year their only child, Claude Bourdet, was … Continue reading

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The Six Poems of Catherine Pozzi

If ever there was a great writer manqué — I am tempted to say génie manqué — it was Catherine Pozzi (1882-1934). In a rather pathetic passage in her Journal towards the end of her life she asks ‘Dieu-Esprit’ to … Continue reading

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The Six Poems of Catherine Pozzi (French)14

Vale La grande amour que vous m’aviez donnée Le vent des jours a rompu ses rayons — Où fut la flamme, où fut la destinée Où nous étions, où par la main serrée Nous nous tenions Notre soleil, dont l’ardeur … Continue reading

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Hommage à Catherine Pozzi par Sebastian Hayes

Après tant d’épreuves, votre âme s’est volatilisée : Elle s’est enfin dégagée de l’argile humaine ; Là-haut, dans un ciel clair, plus sujete à la pesanteur, Elle voltige avec ses égaux, loin de ces corps inutiles. Nous ressentons votre joie et aimerions … Continue reading

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