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“I feel, therefore I exist” : Catherine Pozzi’s Credo

Descartes, as we know, kick-started Western rationalism with his famous formula Cogito ergo sum, “I think, therefore I am”. This was, according to Descartes, a ‘self-evident’ truth, a proposition that not only he did not, but could not, doubt. Descartes … Continue reading

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The Six Poems viewed as stages on a Spiritual Journey by Sebastian Hayes

[Note: The six poems in French with an English translation in rhymed verse are to be found in an earlier post, The Six Poems. Here, the translations of excerpts I give are as literal as I can make them.] During … Continue reading

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Three books concerning Catherine Pozzi by Sebastian Hayes

1. Catherine Pozzi, Très haut amour, Poèmes et autres textes, Édition de Claire Paulhan et Lawrence Joseph   (nrf  Poésie/Gallimard) 2. Karin Pozzi et la quête de l’immortalite, Pierre Boutang (La Différence) 3. Catherine Pozzi, Architecte d’un Univers, Anne Malaprade (Larousse Decouvrir … Continue reading

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Catherine Pozzi and André Fernet

The ‘facts’, inasmuch as I have been able to ascertain them, are as follows. In January 1909 Catherine Pozzi married a young stockbroker with literary interests, Édouard Bourdet,  and in October of the same year their only child, Claude Bourdet, was … Continue reading

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The Six Poems of Catherine Pozzi

If ever there was a great writer manqué — I am tempted to say génie manqué — it was Catherine Pozzi (1882-1934). In a rather pathetic passage in her Journal towards the end of her life she asks ‘Dieu-Esprit’ to … Continue reading

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